Open Your Farmville Holiday Tree Presents Now (Share First)

It is Christmas Eve, which means that the Holiday Tree’s cumulative presents can now be busted open! While many of our readers surely busted open their packages late last night, we decided to wait until the actual Eve of Christmas for the sake of tradition – our apologies on being late to the news!

You can go to the Look Inside menu of the Holiday Tree to check out what is inside of all the presents you got. You can open them by running your mouse over the unopened presents that reside at the bottom of the big, beautiful tree, or simply by clicking on the “Open All Presents” tab near the left side of the menu.

As you can very well see, we received a ton of goodies. There are lots of usables like Fertilize Alls and such, but also new goodies like the Poinsettia Trees, the Winter Fantasy Pegacorn, the Poinsettia Horse, Caroling Cow, Caroling Goat, Caroling Sheep, and much more. You can see what we got above, but somehow struck out on the Caroling Horse (dang it). We will have to keep collecting Presents until we get one!

How did you do on all of your Presents? Did you get everything you were hoping for?


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