ALL Winter Wonderland Gifts Links (Click Share & Ask you Friends Now)

The Winter Cactus Quests are upon us ! There are a total of nine parts to this quest that can be completed on either farms and is not exclusive to Winter Wonderland. You can use the Gifting Links below to ask your friends each of these quests’ Task Items. Simply click on the picture to request the item.

Gifting Links:

FarmVille Ear Warmer
(Quest 1)

FarmVille Pigtail Cover
(Quest 2)

FarmVille Duck Beanie
(Quest 3)

FarmVille Hoof Warmer
(Quest 4)

FarmVille Cow Sweater
(Quest 5)

FarmVille Horse Rug
(Quest 6)

FarmVille Heat Lamp
(Quest 7)

FarmVille Pet Bed
(Quest 8)

FarmVille Insulated Boots
(Quest 9)

Good luck with your questing and be sure to share this post with your farmin’ friends!


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