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It’s time to start opening presents!!!

Go to your FarmVille Holiday Tree and “Look Inside” to get started. In a vast improvement from last year, Zynga has made opening Gifts so much easier. All you have to do is mouseover a Gift and bam it’s unwrapped and in your FarmVille Gift Box! This is a present in itself and we thank the big Z for saving our hands and all that clicking.

There are many possibilities when it comes to the prizes inside the Gifts. There are some useful items such as consumables to help you out on the farm like Arborists, Farmhands, Fertilizer, Water, and building materials. There are also some festive holiday animals for you to unwrap, as well as decorations (some old, some new). An occasional Lump of Coal may slip in, but don’t let it get you down too much because there’s more Gifts to unwrap!

Zynga is also gifting every farmer with a special Zynga Gift which is a Winter Pegacorn (pictured above)! Nice.

Without further delay… here’s what we’ve all been waiting for. Read the list below to see what we’re discovering inside our Gifts. To learn more about the Gift, click on its name which will take you to a FarmVille Freak article. Please note, this list is ongoing and we will be updating it to include more prize possibilities.

FarmVille Holiday Gifts Prizes:

  • FarmVille Caroling Horse
  • FarmVille Caroling Goat
  • FarmVille Caroling Sheep
  • FarmVille Poinsettia Tree
  • FarmVille Giant Poinsettia Tree
  • FarmVille Caroling Snowman
  • FarmVille Teddy Bear Snowglobe
  • FarmVille Frozen Fountain
  • FarmVille North Pole Sign
  • FarmVille Snowglobe Horse
  • FarmVille Snowman
  • FarmVille Blue Soldier
  • FarmVille Caramel Bear
  • FarmVille Gold Candles Set
  • FarmVille Ice Cat
  • FarmVille Snow Fort
  • FarmVille Penguin Statue
  • FarmVille Snowy Through
  • FarmVille Red Nutcracker
  • FarmVille Red Soldier
  • FarmVille Santa Scarecrow
  • FarmVille Frosty Snowflake
  • FarmVille Snow Drift
  • FarmVille String Lights
  • FarmVille Holly Fence
  • FarmVille Lighted Hedge
  • FarmVille Giant Candy
  • FarmVille Luminary Fence
  • FarmVille 3 Pack of Turbos Charger
  • FarmVille Fertilize All
  • FarmVille Watering Can
  • FarmVille Arborist
  • FarmVille Animal Feed
  • FarmVille Farmhands
What Gifts did you receive?


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