How to maximize the amount of Magic Snowflakes?? Share First

It looks as though a new feature has arrived in FarmVille, continuing the frigid pace of the season. The Ice Palace is slowly rolling out tonight, and it’s a familiar theme – if you’ve built the Harvest Hoedown or Santa’s Sleigh in the past, you should know what to do by now.

Step 1: Upon logging into FarmVille, you may receive a pop-up proclaiming that the Ice Palace has arrived. If so, you will be taken into the placement period, allowing you to set your new Building model down on your farm somewhere. If you do not have space, simply click on the arrow icon in the lower right-hand corner of the screen to send the frame of the Ice Palace to your gift box. Note that this is slowly rolling out, meaning not everyone has it yet. Give it a little bit of time and you should receive it soon.

Step 2: Of course, this is simply just the frame of the Ice Palace; you will need to build it for yourself. This will require 12 of each of these above new Materials: Snowflakes, Ice Nails, and Snow Bricks. After using 12 of each of these, your Ice Palace will be complete.

This Building is a lot like Santa’s Sleigh, in that once it is built you can collect from it daily to get goodies that you will be able to redeem in the future for brand new items altogether. Stay tuned for more on that in the coming weeks!

Step 3: Once you have completed the Ice Palace, you will have the opportunity to upgrade the Building to maximize the amount of Magic Snowflakes it produces on a daily basis. The more Magic Snowflakes you get, the more prizes can be yours. You can find more parts on your Facebook feed, by sending some to others in hopes that they will return the favor, by purchasing some using FV Cash, or by clicking the “Ask for More” button below each of the options. You will need a staggering amount of Materials in order to boost this one all the way up to Level 6, including various other new materials like the Snow Globes, Ice Boards, and Frozen Beams.

The reciprocal has yet to be released for this one, but we can assume it will launch next week. Will you be participating in this event? Let us know!


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How to maximize the amount of Magic Snowflakes?? Share First << just wish I had room to put this in my snow farm so I cant realy do this task!! sorry

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