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question from Kalia J : HELP! FarmVille A missing PETS !!?
I left my computer on all night last Farmville on Facebook, when I woke up and opened my laptop is called an ugly duckling ran away from home and that I should give it a home. I click yes and when the message is gone, I started looking for my little duck, and he was not there! So I thought I HAV two purchase or donation, or it may have been behind something and it was not! Since Please help the ugly duckling is rare and I usually get a second chance

Uhhh. This means you get one and click Yes, post a message on your Facebook wall for someone else to adopt it. You have to find another message to your neighbors, to get the duck.


You don’t get to keep it. By clicking “help” you put on your wall there’s a duckling who needs help, so somebody ELSE will get it.

If you want one, check your newsfeed for somebody who found a lost animal and then adopt it.


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