Farmville: Edy’s Fruit Bars huge 500,000 (FV) Farm Cash Giveaway.

A few weeks ago we mentioned on FarmVille Freak the upcoming promotion between FarmVille and Dreyer’s ice cream/ Edy’s Fruit Bars.

Starting today, you should be able to find specially marked Dreyer’s and Edy’s Fruit Bars with FarmVille labels in your local retailers. These specially labeled boxes will have redemption codes inside the box for you to participate in Dreyer’s /Edy’s Fruit Bars huge 500,000 FarmVille Farm Cash Giveaway.

Note: Depending on where you are located in the United States the brand name varies. For example, brand is marketed as Dreyer’s® Fruit Bars in the Western states and Texas and Edy’s® Fruit Bars in the Midwest and East.


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