FarmVille 30×30 Farm Expansions Available Now (Details Here) (If you Like it, Share it))

In a late night update, FarmVille finally added two highly anticipated 30×30 Farm Expansions, one for our Home Farm and one for our English Countryside!

The latest Expansion for our Home Farms is the 30×30 “Grand Farm Estate” Farm Expansion. The English Countryside’s 30×30 expansion is called “English County”.

We’ve all been running out of room on our farms for quite awhile now, so these two expansions are gladly welcomed and appreciated. The bad news is that they are only purchasable with Farm Cash at this point. The Home Farm “Grand Farm Estate” 30×30 expansion is only available using Farm Cash and costs 180 of your hard earned FarmVille dollars. The English Countryside’s 30×30 “English County” expansion costs 195 Farm Cash, I guess that’s 15 extra Farm Cash for that lush English soil.

The Farm Coin option for both expansions are not currently available and there is no word on when it will be.


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