FarmVille Animal Instant Grow Now Available (Details Here) Share Now

In a new option for those impatient farmers seeking instant gratification on the farm, FarmVille has added Instant Grow for animals.

Not too long ago the option for using Instant Grow on your Crops and Trees became available as a staple easily accessible by clicking on your Crops and Trees.

As you know, Instant Grow instantly grows crops, trees, or animals to make them instantly ready to harvest. For animals, Instant Grow will grow your adult FarmVille animals and animal buildings. It will not be able to instantly grow baby animals or breeding.

The picture below is an example of Instant Grow prices, please note prices may vary by farm.

To use Instant Grow on one your animals, simply click on an animal. Then, on the menu that appears, click the “Apply Instant Grow” option.


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