Free Farmville Poncho Llama (Details here) Share With your Friends

While many FarmVille players have an overabundance of the Poncho Llama on their farms (as the animal is available for free from within the Animal Feed Trough / Barn), few players will likely have as many “regular’ Llamas to accompany them. You can rectify that tonight though, farmers, as the regular Llama is now available to send (and receive) as a free gift from the game’s free gifts page, but only for a limited time.

The Llama should appear in the top left corner of the screen, allowing you to send it with ease. As it is the end of the day, you may not have any friend requests left to send these out, but if you do, make sure to send some of these cute little fellas before they disappear from the page.

Speaking of little, we’ve included a picture here of a few Llamas on a farm, next to trees and flowers to show you scale. If you’re anticipating an animal as big as a horse, or even a cow, you’ll be greatly disappointed, as these guys are downright tiny in comparison. Still, if the rumors of individual animal mastery signs for each and every critter in the game come true, won’t you want to stock up on some of these Llamas to make the mastery process a bit easier (at least for this one animal)? I thought that might get your attention. Now hurry – ask your friends to send you some Llamas before it’s too late!



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