(hurry up) FarmVille Glitch : Vineyard Goat For Coins! (Share Now)

FarmVille and Zynga may have mistakenly added the Vineyard Goat to the market. Although seemingly not important, this could possibly be a Farm Cash item that was not suppose to be released yet. Unfortunately at this time, the item is invisible when placed on your farm.
Act fast to to get our Vineyard Goat for coins, We Not Sure How Long It Will be Available in the market

The good news, is that you may just grab a Farm Cash item for coins. Although unconfirmed, its nice to think we slid one past old Z. For now the best way to find this guy in the market, is to use the search feature at the top of the market page. Please note this is a decoration and not a harvestable animal. We think it should appear around Sunday night/ Monday monring

Go To Your Market and Search for “Vineyard Goat”

Search “Vineyard Goat”

Buy It For Coins as it will be in next mystery game and save Farm Cash.



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