Multiple Craftshop Stations (Full Details Here) Share Now

In addition to adding new Craftshop Crafting Recipes and a slight cosmetic change in physical appearance, FarmVille has added additional stations for you to use in your Craftshop.

Please note, this feature is slowly rolling out to all farmers, so if you do not yet have access and if your Crafting Stations are still “Locked” hold tight as you soon will.

In order to utilize the additional Crafting Stations you will have to expand your Craftshop by collecting Construction supplies. The required new Construction materials also hit the FarmVille Gifting Page today, so you can send and receive free supplies with your FarmVille friends.

Expanding Your Craftshop

To expand your Craftshop, click “Look Inside” on your Craftshop and then simply click on the Expand Now button found on each Crafting Station.

Required Construction Materials:

  • 5 Wrenches
  • 5 Pipes
  • 5 Clamps

Obtaining Construction Materials

  • 1. Free Gifts: Send and receive as free gifts via the FarmVille Gifting Page.
  • 2. Farm Cash: If you’d like to bypass the construction process, you can always do so with Farm Cash.
  • 3. Ask For More: Ask For More by requesting supplies from your FarmVille friends.
  • 4. Facebook News Feed: Collect free construction materials from your friends’ Facebook News Feed shares


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