FarmVille Pic of the Day: Berylboy's spacious country pasture (Share if you Like it)

Berylboy's FarmVille English Countryside farm is an interesting specimen. It really doesn't do anything groundbreaking, but somehow it still looks rather aesthetically pleasing, and I'm not exactly sure why. Perhaps its the dozens of sheep scattered across the rocky pasture. Maybe it is simply how evenly spaced everything is. It could be any one of the many little structures around the farm such as the fortress, cottage, or rocky lake. But I think what makes this farm design so special is all those things combined.

So many times we see farms jam packed by farmers who wanted to use up all their available space. But in reality, a real farm is a wide open expanse, much more like Berylboy's country pasture farm. There is space between things. That open air feeling, in combination with all the wonderful things found in Berylboy's FarmVille design, is what makes this farm a real gem.


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