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The FarmVille Zoo is here! Once again David, the zoologist introduces us to another FarmVille animal facility. The Zoo is the third of a total of six new animal breeding/housing facilities that FarmVille will be debuting. Coinciding with its release there are also Zoo themed quests. Be sure to check out the FarmVille Freak walk-throughs for all the Zoo quests. Similar to the Wildlife Habitat and Pet Run, the Zoo is a constructible building that once complete can house your exotic Zoo animals, collect regular Animal Mastery and Farm Coins when harvested, and also gives you the chance at finding a Mystery Baby that can be shared with your friends.

Quick Zoo Facts

  • Zoos can house animals, harvest Farm Coins and Animal Mastery, and breed Mystery Babies.
  • Each Zoo houses 20 zoo animals.
  • You can own more than one Zoo.
  • Zoos can be harvested once per day.
  • To qualify for breeding, an animal must be housed inside the Zoo from before the 10% mark until the Zoo is harvested.

Read below for the FarmVille Freak Guide with all the deets on everything you need to know about the Zoo.


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