Did your Items Disappeared From Gift Box? Solution Here (Share Now)

Items Disappearing From Gift Box:

Why it Happens:
  • The limit on normal, usable, non-Farm Cash purchased items in the Gift Box is 500 items. These include consumables like Arborists, Farmhands, Watering Cans, Fertilize All, and Vehicle Parts.

  • When adding items past this limit, your Gift Box will attempt to make room by automatically removing older items.
How it can be Avoided:
  • To avoid this issue, please use/re-gift your gifts/items when you begin approaching this limit.


Becky said...

How do you expect us to keep our gift box under 500 when you have raffle tickets, feed etc. I think that you should consider giving us more space. I would love to have mine under 500 so I can open some of my eggs and other stuff. I hope somebody reads this and it don't just get posted to a wall where nobody cares about it.

Farmville player

jake58 said...

Same here, Zynga. Just change one number and raise the limit to 1000, please!!!

Gawoman52 said...

Problem with re-gift- after using 3 times, it shuts down too, Zynga!!! Come up with something else,why dont you?????

Anonymous said...

These award signs are part of the problem. They take too much space to post them all on the farms and too much space in the gift box or the storage barns. How about
giving an actual sign only for 3 stars? I'm starting to sell some off. Please STOP forcing us to send Special Delivery. (Which we can't open because box is too full!)

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