Craftshop Quest 3 Rewards you : 5 Love Potions (Details Here) (If you Like it , Share it)

The third Craftshop Quest is “Profit!”. Since your Craftshop makes items that you need around the farm, you will get the ball rolling by fulfilling some Work Orders (Ask your friends for items). You’ll also be planting and harvesting Soybeans- remember them?! Finally, you will need to make the Pine Fence recipe in your Craftshop building to complete this quest.


  • 1. Get 6 Work Orders (Ask Friends).
  • 2. Harvest 100 Soybeans crops on your farm.
  • 3. Make the Pince Fence Recipe in your Craftshop (x1).
  • 500 XP
  • 7,500 Farm Coins
  • 5 Love Potions


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