Farmville Capital One Promotion (All Details)(3 FV Cash, Avatar, Special Rewards) if you Like it ,Share it

Capital One is teaming up with Zynga to offer some special rewards for FarmVille players including Limited Edition Visigoth items. Visigoths are Capital One’s mascots.

Starting tonight the promotion will be available to farmers. For the next week, you will also be able to get a free Visigoth statue as a gift from Capital One that will grant you Double Mastery points. The Double Mastery will begin after the statue is placed on your farm and it will last for seven days. Each time you harvest crops or trees you will receive double the mastery points, and using a bushel adds one additional mastery point.

For the first time ever, farmers will also have the opportunity to dress their avatars in branded clothing, Capital One Visigoth costumes! Additionally, there will be opportunities to earn Farm Cash via Capital One television ads that feature the Visigoths. Stay tuned for more info on this upcoming promotion!

promotion will earn you some pretty cool stuff like Double Mastery, free Visigoth costumes for your avatar, and even some Free Farm Cash if you’re lucky!

First of all, there is a new Sponsored Link provided by Capital One for you to participate in which you can earn 3 Free Farm Cash.

In the FarmVille Market you will also find that there are 2 free Visigoth (Male and Female) avatar costumes for you to purchase (0 Farm Coins). The Visigoth costumes look awesome on your farmer avatar so be sure to check it out and don’t forget it’s free!

There is also a free Visigoth Statue that is not only a free decoration, but when placed on your farm you will receive 7 days of Double Mastery. The Double Mastery begins upon time of placement and lasts for seven days. You will automatically receive the Visigoth Statue in your FarmVille Gift Box after the update is available on your farm.


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