All FarmVille English Countryside (( Requirements & Charactestics )) Tell your Friends "Share"

All FarmVille English Countryside (( Requirements & Charactestics )) Tell your Friends "Share"

  • Available to farmers Level 20 and above.
  • Brand new farm in the English Countryside acting as a second farm with a complete fresh start.
  • Exclusive new English Countryside crops with Crop Mastery.
  • Exclusive Sheep Breeding with endless offspring.
  • New Crafting Building, the Pub, offers new recipes and new Crafting Mastery.
  • You will need to re-build (or purchase) new buildings with purpose including storage, animal housing, and vehicles.
  • English Countryside is quest driven.
  • Quests are optional and offer rewards such as XP, Farm Coins, and even some Farm Cash! There’s also other rewards such as free animals and buildings with purpose like the Pub.
  • There is a Pause feature that means you can only work on one farm at a time. If you are active in the English Countryside, your original home farm will be paused and visa versa.
  • Storage is not transferrable from one farm to the other.
  • Items you buy in the FarmVille Market will only exist on the farm you place them on.
  • Gift Box offers a small loophol
  • e to get “existing items” already in your box on your English farm. Notice that some items from Gift Box are exclusive to home farm.Collections are exclusive to your home farm and do not work in the EC.Your monetary accumulation or bank
  • including Farm Cash and Farm Coins is the same for both farms, meaning you have one bank account for both farms.
  • Fuel Supply is the same for both farms.


Christine said...

The Pause feature is a bunch of turn off. How are we supposed to know when to harvest? I am not going to plant in one of the farms because this stinks!!!!!!!!!

nina said...

Plz Zynga, the icon for to invite my neighbors to the English Countryside is off, plz solved this problem. plz plz plz
thankyou so much

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