Best Farmville Houses (Share with your Friends)

FarmVille players across the globe all play their way, making their virtual farms personalized and fun to play on. If you look at 100 different farms, you will see things set up 100 different ways. Some players love trees, while others work solely on crops and animals. One common ground for almost everyone though is a farm house of some kind.

We’ve seen various different types of houses, cottages, mansions and sheds in the game. We’ve all got a favorite, and nearly everyone has a place their farmer can call home displayed proudly somewhere in their landscape. Today, we’re taking a look at ten of the best homes released in FarmVille.

Piggy Cottage
This was originally a prize in a Mystery Box back in May of 2010. The pink Piggy Cottage is adorned with pig ears on the mailbox. We’ve got this on the list because it’s pink, petite and classic.

Balloon House
The Balloon House was released in June, 2011 as part of the birthday celebration. We like this floating wonder of amazement because it is colorful and fun.

Winter Cottage
The Winter Cottage made our top 10 list from fan suggestions in the Zynga Community Forums. We’re in agreement here – the built in poinsettias and pine trees give this a wintery feel without overdoing the holiday d├ęcor.

Silver & Gold Mansion
This beauty was available in December, 2010 as part of a Mystery Game. It’s a huge piece of property, and is festively decked out in (you guessed it) silver and gold. This mansion can be used year-round, and the gold coloring makes it truly feel like a well-off farmer hangs his hat here at night.

Romantic Cottage
This house was another suggestion from the Zynga Community Forums. It’s pink flowers running along the side of the house give it a nice, springy feel. The only thing we’re missing is a nice, big welcome mat, because this house feels like home.

La Maison
This was a constructable building in FarmVille in March of 2010. Players had to collect all-new parts to complete it, and boy was it worth it. This is one of the homes we still have displayed on our farm. The details are nice on this one – from the brick bottom to the ivy climbing up the walls.

Modern Home
The Modern Home was released in FarmVille in April, 2010. We like the solar panels and sharp, crisp look of the house. Other FarmVille players agreed, as this was one of the homes they also chose in the Community Forums.

Taj Mahal
The Far East theme brought many new items to the game, but players went bananas over the Taj Mahal. Available in April of 2010, the building was available for 44 Farm Cash for a very limited time. We like the attention to detail in this one, and we like that Zynga brought in a building that many players desperately wanted to see.

Summer Lake Cabin
Released in June of 2011, the Summer Lake Cabin is another fan favorite from the forums. With the canoe docked at the door, it makes you want to spend a weekend on the lake and relax. We like the way the blue roof looks in the trees.

Pumpkin House
The Pumpkin House was released in October of 2010 as a prize in the Halloween Basket feature. We love the house because It did not cost Farm Cash, and because of the attention to detail. The jack-o-lantern face on the house is spooky enough to use in a Halloween themed area, yet friendly enough to just plop down and leave as-is if you choose.



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