Chinese Dragon Without a Home (Details Here) Share Now

On FarmVille as of late, you can find a couple of new Buildings that house your Reindeer, Cats, Dogs, Gila Lizard, Desert Tortoise, and even your Squirrels. But what about those other outcast Animals that just don’t seem to fit in anywhere? Where is your Pink Dragon going to sleep?
Today we will speak about Chinese Dragon
We’re not huge on the Chinese Dragon due to how out of place it truly looks when placed side-by-side with other FarmVille critters, but c’mon – just look at it. How could we compile a list like this and A) not include this one, and B) find a better introduction to the list itself? Yes, the Chinese Dragon looks unlike any other beast in FarmVille’s history, and the fact that the Chinese Dragon occasionally spits a traditional orange ball of fire to the tip of its teeth before retracting the glowing ember-enchanted orb doesn’t help, either, but having something so different is definitely eye-catching.


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