FarmVille Prizes & Pet Mystery Box ((More Details Here))

A brand new Pets Mystery Box hit the FarmVille Market and its jam packed with you guessed it – Pets!
This Mystery Box coincides with the release of tonight’s FarmVille Pet Run building which stores your pet animals. It will cost you 20 Farm Cash to purchase a Pet Mystery Box and as always you should purchase at your own risk as you are never guaranteed to win any one specific or all prizes featured in the box.

This box which will be in the FarmVille Market for only six days, brings us a mix of past Limited Edition animals as well as a scattering of a few new ones such as the French Bulldog (without fairy wings) and the Been Bunny who’s quite the cutie.

FarmVille Pet Mystery Box (Released: August 24, 2011)
FarmVille Vineyard Dog
FarmVille French Bulldog
FarmVille Angora Rabbit
FarmVille Hedghog
FarmVille Rainbow Rabbit
FarmVille Bee Bunny


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