Pet Breeding is Here (Read Now) Share

Tonight FarmVille introduced a new constructable animal housing/breeding facility called the Pet Run. Please note, this feature is slowly rolling out to all farmers.

This new building with purpose is very similar to last week’s Wildlife Habitat. In fact it’s almost exactly the same with the exception of the type of animals that it houses. You can build a Pet Run on your farm to house your Cats, Bunnies, and other FarmVille Pets. Besides providing housing, you will also be able to harvest it for Farm Coins, collect Animal Mastery points, breed your Pets placed inside, and have a chance at finding a Mystery Baby. The Pet Run is the second of six total animal buildings that FarmVille is planning to release. We learn that some of these new buildings will be replacing existing FarmVille buildings (cross your fingers for a Nursery Barn replacement)!

A completed Pet Run can house up to 20 animals inside. Similar to Orchards and Wildlife Habitats, you may have more than one Pet Run on your farm. However, only one construction process take place at any given time. This means that you can’t start building another one until your first one is complete.

After the update is available to you on your farm, you will once again be greeted by David the zoologist. You can choose to place your Pet Run frame immediately or if you need to first clear some space on your farm that’s ok too, you’ll find the Pet Run safely stored in your FarmVille Gift Box for safekeeping until you are ready to use it.


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