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The Fairy Garden theme is still chugging along strong, turning out to be one of the strongest themes of the entire year! Not too shabby for something we thought we had seen before in the Fairy Tale theme! You can also pick up many various Pet Animals that have been previously available on the Market tonight, such as the Puss in Boots or the Invisible Cat.

The newest addition to the Horse roster has pulled up to FarmVille tonight in the White Andalusian Horse. Just as the name would suggest, this new Horse is a repaint of the ever-popular Andalusian Horse, which provided farmers with a new gray and white comingled Horse that produced dolled-up Foals that everybody wanted to get their hands on. By comparison, the White Andalusian Horse is a poor man’s version of the original, cranking out a solid white coat that looks a little too boring and run-of-the-mill for our tastes. Serious Horse breeders need only apply for the price of 26 FV Cash on this one.


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