Fairy Tree Full Details (Be Helpful & Share Now)

With the likes of the Fairy Garden theme still in full-blown attack mode, we’re still seeing an onslaught of high quality Fairy Garden items hitting the Market on a twice-per-week basis. Every tab has been stretched to the max with new items that have everybody jumping at the opportunity to acquire them. Before we get to all of the other goodies on the Market, let’s give some attention to our favorite tab of the theme, the Trees tab!

The newest addition to the Trees roster comes to us tonight in the form of the Fairy Tree, a relatively boring and bland name to describe a Tree that is anything but. We rarely see the color blue used in Trees; even make-believe ones suffer from this fate, with the likes of the Disco Ball Tree and the Snow Cone Tree being two of the lone examples in the entire game. Lucky for us that this Fairy Tree has come along to shake things up, mixing three colors that go well together in blue, white and pink. The Tree itself seems to grow… uh… fairies? It looks as though pink fairies will sprout like fireflies against the blue and white whole of the Tree. The Fairy Tree will ring up for 7 FV Cash.


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