Overgrown Manor and Dark Thatched Hut (Detail here) Share

Of course, the fun never stops at just the Tree and Animal tabs; sure, those are the first two we cover and easily the most popular in the game, but we give just as much tender love and care to the Buildings tab as we do those other ones!

The big dog of the Buildings tab this week is certainly big and certainly unique. This is the Overgrown Manor, one of the more interesting additions we have ever seen to the game’s Building tab in that it shares the usual likeness of what you’d come to expect from a standard Building in the game from a design standpoint, but the use of colors and the tattered straw rooftop really throw it for a loop. We absolutely love the clash of colors between the baby blue walls and the brown straw roof, and the ivy growing over the structure makes it appear like something out of a haunted house movie. It costs 30 FV Cash, which is too much for us to recommend it, but we do like it quite a bit. 3,000 XP is the bonus given.



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