Empires & Allies Quest Manager, new leaderboards spur competition ((Details Here))

The Goal section on the left side of your game screen has its days numbered, my friends. Keeping track of your Goals has always been a pain in games like FrontierVille, FarmVille and even Empires & Allies, but no longer.
Zynga has released the brand new Quest Manager to Empires & Allies (E&A). This feature that consolidate all of your outstanding Goals, which I guess are called Quests from here on out (please, make up your mind, guys), and allows players to sort their Quests accordingly.

While that's essentially a convenience update, the developer also released two new leaderboards to the game that cover Honor and Infamy. You know, the red and black hearts you collect for helping and invading friends' empires, respectively? Now, players who collect the most of either resource will place on these two new weekly leaderboards. And it looks like you will have more than 12 days each time around to qualify for the three milestone prizes at 250, 750 and 1,000 red hearts as well as 500, 2,500 and 10,000 black hearts. Here are the rewards (for this period, at least):
Honor Dash Milestone Rewards:
  • 250 Hearts:F-35 Lightning II (Air Force Unit)
  • 750 Hearts: Rafale Fighter (Air Force Unit)
  • 1,000 Hearts: Tactical Nuke
Infamy Dash Milestone Rewards:
  • 500 Hearts: Air Strike III
  • 2,500 Hearts: Accuracy III
  • 10,000 Hearts: Tactical Nuke
Better yet, players can choose to help or invade their friends right from the Honor Dash and Infamy Dash leaderboards. It's exciting to see Zynga embrace, albeit slightly, competitive play in social games. Hopefully, we see more content supporting this in E&A in the future, and perhaps in future Zynga games. (Oh, and now you can rename your empire. Woo hoo?)


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