Farmville More Fun suggestions (Share Now)

It’s time for another edition of our favorite FarmVille fan suggestions! We scour the Zynga Community Forums and FarmVille Examiner Facebook page looking for great ideas each week that would make FarmVille even more enjoyable. Here are five of some of the more popular suggestions we came across this week:

  • Day and Night in the game: Wouldn’t it be fun if we had night time farming? How about a sunrise on the English Countryside? Sounds appealing!
  • More free darts: It wouldn’t be a fair list if we didn’t include one of the most popular suggestions – a free dart every week in the Mystery Game. We got spoiled with the free darts a few weeks ago. Plus, throwing a free one only makes us want more, right?
  • Bigger horse stables: Any horse collector will tell you there simply isn’t enough room in the stable for all their rare equine treasures.
  • More raffle tickets: Sure, we’d all like to win that rare prize each week, but the odds are against us. Many players would like to see the 6 ticket per day limit be banished. Unless you’re a real fast clicker when helping friends, chances are you won’t be getting a ticket for clicking.
  • Help neighbor Wildlife Habitats: When the Animal Feed Troughs were around, we could visit a neighbor’s trough and score a bag of Animal Feed. With feed being such a hot commodity these days, it would make sense to let us click our friend’s habitats for a chance to get some extras!


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