Farmville Sheep Pen: Part 1. Patterns ((Guide Here but Share First))

Currently the sheep pen can produce 4 patterns based on what all sheep you haveHere is a group shot of all 4 patterns of Ewe and RamThe Stripe is a result of a Ram and the Candy Cane Sheep. So at least for now will be semi hard to get, until players share between themselves. This is because its unlikely a whole mess of folks thought to keep a Candy Cane Sheep in their Giftbox.The Dotted is a result of a Ram Polka Dots from the Market and another Ewe, or from a Ram and the Kick Ewe. This for right now will be the 2nd hardest to get of the 4 that are out, since not many folks thought to keep a Kick Ewe in their Giftbox, and the number of Polka Dotted Rams sold may be low based on its price.The Hood is a Result of Brutus the Ram and another Ewe. This will be the 2nd most common of the current patterns, due to everyone who completes the task gets a Brutus.

The No Pattern is a Result of A Ram and an Ewe. This is the most common since almost ever Previous sheep counts as No Pattern. The only ones that do not are the Kick Ewe and the Candy Cane Sheep.

If you have a Pattern Ram/Ewe mate with a No Pattern Ram/Ewe it is possible your Out come will be Pattern or No Pattern. The game incorrectly states that the pattern is determined by the Ram, which is incorrect, since My Candy Cane Sheep resulted in a Striped Ram which I then used to make a few more Striped Ewes.
To you sheep collectors, the number of possible sheep combos will make it pretty much impossible to have EVERY possible shade of color. You can maybe get all the "primary" colors of each Pattern, but even that may be hard because the colors of your sheep spawn each time seems not exactly as you would expect, its too early to tell, we hope to have more information in the coming days once more sheep are created.
As best we can tell the Stars Pattern and Splotchy Patterns haven't been released yet, but here are a few icons of what they will look likeNext Part of the Sheep Pen Postings, will include 20 or so Combos and their Result. So what sort of neat colors and or patterns have you seen.
Post photos as comments of what you've seen, or send it in and we may feature it in the next installment of the Sheep Pen Guide.


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