Farmville 1 Lamb Limit ((Tell your Friends "Share"))

FarmVille Player Mary Had a Little Lamb, Little Lamb … sorry, I couldn’t resist. That’s right, just one Lamb! If you are hoping to score free Lambs off your Facebook News Feed, good luck with that because you will only be able to adopt one Lamb per day via the feed.

We haven’t really noticed the 1 Lamb Limit because not that many farmers are sharing Lambs and instead are opting to keep these cute little guys for their own personal FarmVille flock. Sheep breeding is still too new and shiny for us to be benevolent.

Speaking of limitations in the Sheep Breeding realm, if you didn’t know there is also a limit to how many Sheep you can keep. Currently you can only keep 100 Sheep placed on your actual farm although you may continue to breed more. .

“Hi there,

I haven’t seen anything on FV about this yet. I just got a message that you can only adopt one lamb per day. Not sure what constitutes a “day” (midnight to midnight, or reset to reset).

- FarmVille Player Mary”


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