FarmVille English Plane ((All Details)) ((Share Now))

Anyone who collects Biplanes, will be happy to own this English Limited Edition English Plane. The English Plane is part of the Limited Edition English Countryside theme which will be available until April 22, 2011 in the FarmVille Market.

Note, this biplane can be used on your “home” or original FarmVille farm along with other items designated as Limited Edition English Countryside themed. Limited Edition English Countryside items can be purchased for your home farm or your English Countryside farms. However, if you would like the same item on both of your farms you will need to buy two. Items are not transferrable after placement on your farm.

Biplanes have the unique ability to instantly grow your entire crops in just one flight. However, flights may cost you Farm Cash. If you prefer to keep your English Plane or other biplanes as a decoration that’s okay too because biplanes can be placed in your FarmVille storage.

FarmVille Limited Edition English Countryside Vehicle:

  • FarmVille English Plane – 30,000 Farm Coins


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