Farmville Helping Hands Guide (Free Gift) (( Share ))

Now that is a Free Gift. Zynga is slowly releasing a brand new gift to FarmVille through the Free Gifts page, Helping Hands. This new gift, while unreleased for some including myself, seems to contain one of each of these Boosts: Farmhands, Arborists and Fertilize Alls. Think of it as a Special Delivery for, well, everything else. (Everything else aside from what I really need: Instant Grow). Either way, increased XP and readied Animals is always a welcome addition to most players' Gift Boxes.

While veteran players who have already all but mastered English Countryside might not benefit from these items, those still working their way up could use some of these tools. When you finally get the chance to gift Helping Hands, try sending them to lower level players--they likely need them more than your seasoned farmers.


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