((Guide)) English Mobile Farming on your iPhone, iPad, etc. ((All Details))(Share)

Mobile Farming in English Countryside

  • Any actions completed on iPhone or iPad will count towards the quests that unlock England.
  • Once England is unlocked by farm cash or quests, you will be able to load England on your iPhone only if you have first navigated to it on the web.
    • If the app is in the background on your home farm and you have navigated to England on the web, you will get an OOS (Out Of Sync error) to restart the app and load in England.
  • The gift inventory (Gift Box) is shared across both England and Home farms but certain items will be locked in inventory if associated with the opposite farm (I.E. England items will be locked from use while on your Home farm). All pending gifts can be accepted across farms.
  • Neighbors are shared across farms and you will visit whichever farm that neighbor is currently viewing.
    • Example: If Mary is working on her English farm and I go visit her, I will go to her English farm. While visiting, I can fertilize plots and feed her chickens (if present), the same as with the home farm.
  • Storage inventory is unique to each farm. This means storage items are not shared.
  • The market will have unique items, differentiating between your Home farm and English farm. Items will appear locked on the farm you are not currently visiting.
  • The Sheep Pen will only display the offspring as white. “


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