Share-->>How to Produce Farmville Foal Tips?

Producing Foals for neighbors has become an enormous part of game play and a beloved tradition each time a new Horse makes it way into the game. Breeding a foal is easy, just place a stallion or a wandering stallion in your horse stable and when its ready you will have a chance of producing a foal. While FarmVille game programmers/designers did not intend for stable stuffing/horse rotating to be a part of the game, it may be the most loved glitch or mistake.

This allows a player to produce multiple foals in one day to share with their neighbors.

The breeding process to produce a foal is quite simple, if you only have a Grey Horse and a White Stallion in your stable, you have a chance to produce two different foals: White Stallion Foal or a Grey Foal. This basic process is about to be blown out of the water by the upcoming Sheep Breeding in FarmVille English Countryside. When breeding a sheep there are literally a million possible outcomes!


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