FarmVille English Countryside Unwither Clock ((Details Here))((Share))

A brand new Limited Edition English Countryside Unwither Clock with a striking resemblance to London’s Big Ben clock tower debuted in the FarmVille Market tonight!

The Unwither Clock works similar to the Unwither Rings except that well, it’s a clock! When placed on your English Countryside farms, the Unwither Clock will provide 30 days of wither-free crops, meaning that your crops will never wither in that time frame.

When compared to Unwither Rings the Unwither Crop is cheaper at just 55 Farm Cash (as opposed to over 250 Farm Cash for an Unwither Ring). However, an Unwither Clock is only good for 30 days of crop protection and Unwither Rings offer forever-unwither making sure your crops never turn that ugly brown dead color.


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