Farmville :Adding Love Potion to Sheep Pen Guide ((Share))

attempt at breeding only comes with a 50% success rate, but you can increase the chance for success by adding Love Potions to the equation. You'll be able to ask your friends to send you potions by clicking on the "Ask for Potions" button in the lower left corner of the Sheep Pen's menu. This is achieved via a general wall post, rather than individual requests. You can also purchase Love Potions in packs of 5 for 5 Farm Cash.

Each Love Potion used creates a higher chance of successful breeding, and lowers the time required to wait for the sheep to breed. Here's a rundown:

- 1 Love Potion: 60% success rate; breeding completed in 12 hours
- 2 Love Potions: 70% success rate; breeding completed in 6 hours
- 3 Love Potions: 80% success rate; breeding completed in 3 hours
- 4 Love Potions: 90% success rate; breeding completed in 1 hour
- 5 Love Potions: 100% success rate; breeding completes instantly

Your two chosen animals will then go into one of the three breeding stalls in your Sheep Pen, where they will "do their business" until the timer is up. You'll need to apply all or none of your Love Potions before setting the two animals to breed, as you can't interrupt them in the middle.


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