Farmville More Information On Sheep Breeding! ((Details Here))

UPDATE: This post has been updated to include more info.

We’ve all been having so much fun breeding our Sheep in the English Countryside, but the results can be pretty random. The FarmVille Blog has answered a few frequently asked questions on Sheep Breeding such as the chances of producing offspring based on gender, and what determines colors and patters.

We learn that:

  • If you get the same sex offspring 3 times in a row, the next offspring will be the opposite gender.
  • Only the FATHER determines PATTERN. (However, the Lamb does not have to inherit Ram’s pattern.)
  • The COLOR of the body and also the color of the pattern are determined by both parents.

Despite what the FarmVille Blog claims we can verify that the gender fact is not always true. I have produced many more than three female Ewes in a row. Other FarmVille Freaks have also experienced the same gender results and conflicting results for color and pattern than what the blog mentions.

From FarmVille Blog:

“Many of you have often asked about how exaclty sheep breeding works. No, not the “baa chicka baa baa” part, but what determines the lamb’s colors when fully grown, patterns, etc.

First, if you get a lamb of a particular gender three times in a row, you’ll get a lamb of the opposite gender, guaranteed. The rest is up to chance.

Second, any possible patterns are determined by the father alone. A lamb can inherent the pattern of the ram or none at all.

Third, the colors of the body and potential pattern are determined by the colors of both of the parents, which can be deviated somewhat from that color base for variety.

In the example below, using Brutus the Ram and a Brown Sheep produced the following different color patterns and sheep:”


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