Super Orchards Arrive (Details Here) Share Now

These are the new Super Orchards that have just dropped for some of our readers in tonight’s update, which will allow you to upgrade one of your regular Orchards into a mammoth beast of a Super Orchard. Super Orchards can hold up to 40 Trees instead of 20, and they can be harvested in only one day compared to two. The only problem is – you guessed it – the price.

At 120 FV Cash per Orchard, the Super Orchards are just entirely too expensive. It doesn’t look like they give you more Mystery Seedlings or additional Water Cans, so who rightfully cares? You could have instead bought the Double Mastery Platinum Statue and had Double Mastery on ALL of your Orchards instead of a faster harvest time for a single Orchard. If you own 25 Orchards like we do, it would cost you 3,000 FV Cash to upgrade them all. In a word, it is absurd.

Will you be throwing your FV Cash at the new Super Orchards? If you’re interested, you can access them by clicking on an Orchard and then clicking the Expand function.


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