FarmVille spelling bee results (Funny Post) (Details Here - Share with your Friends)

Have you ever noticed something that was spelled funny or worded incorrectly in FarmVille? Join the club!

Over the course of the game’s history, several items were released with misspellings, unnecessary plurals, missing words, and more. FarmVille’s Community Team is doing something about it.

In a thread created late-July in the Zynga Community Forums, FarmVille asked players to list misspellings and inconsistencies in the game, calling it the FarmVille Spelling Bee. Players helped add to the ever-growing list of incorrect item names, and the FarmVille team created a list of things to fix, which was released in the forums Monday afternoon.

Not all the items suggested were added to the list, but more noticeable things like the “Foral Sculpture” will be corrected as time allows. The complete list is pasted below, and you can also find it in the Known Issues forum in FarmVille.

These misspellings and inconsistencies can be annoying, but since they do not interfere with your normal game play, their corrections are not a high priority. They will be fixed as time allows, and it is a pretty extensive list! We’ve got to imagine changing the name of something released live in the game is no minor feat, which explains why it may take a while to plow through the list.

Have you seen anything else that doesn’t seem right in the game? Let us know below!

Unnecessary Plurals in crop names:

  • Hopss (hops)
  • Iriss (iris)
  • green teas (green tea)
  • Zucchinis (Zucchini).
  • Asparaguss (Asparagus)
  • Iriss (Iris)
  • Potatos (Potatoes)
  • Gladiouluss (Gladioulus)
  • Gingers (Ginger)

The following bushel names are plural (and shouldn’t be):

  • Bluebells
  • Cara Potatoes
  • Electric Lilies
  • English Peas
  • English Roses
  • Field Beans
  • Golden Poppies
  • Jalapenos
  • Leeks
  • Pink Asters
  • Turnips

The mastery signs for the following crops are not plural:

  • Black Rose
  • Cabbage
  • Clover
  • Columbine
  • Cornflower
  • Crystal
  • Cucumber
  • Dog Rose
  • Eggplant
  • Fire Pepper
  • Lilac
  • Long Onion
  • Morning Glory
  • Poinsettia
  • Radish
  • Square Melon
  • Squmpkin
  • Straspberry
  • Sun Poppy
  • White Aster
  • White Poinsettia
  • White Pumpkin
  • Zucchini

The following crops ARE plural in the “My Mastery” window and shouldn’t be.

  • Balloons Crop
  • Majestic Roses
  • Dreyer’s/Edy’s Fruit Bars

Trees lacking "tree" in their name:

  • Asian Pear
  • Big Caramel Apple
  • Big Chrome Cherry
  • Big Pink Gem
  • Caramel Apple I
  • Chinese Tamarisk
  • English Elm
  • French Tamarisk
  • Giant July Confetti
  • Giant July Ice Cream
  • Giant Lucky Cookie
  • Giant Mac&Cheese
  • Giant Mardi Gras
  • Giant Purple Bubble Gum
  • Heirloom Apple
  • Pink Plumeria
  • Red Adler
  • White Plumeria
  • Wych Elm
The mastery signs for the following trees don't say "Tree"
  • Giant Bubblegum
  • Giant Candy Apple
  • Giant Candy Heart
  • Giant Chocolate Heart
  • Giant Lucky Cookies
  • Giant Mac&Cheese

The mastery signs for the following trees are not plural:

  • Candy Heart Tree
  • Chinese Lantern Tree
  • Crab Apple Tree
  • Disco Ball Tree
  • European Pear Tree
  • Golden Apple Tree
  • Hazelnut Tree
  • Holiday Tree
  • Indian Laurel Tree
  • Mint Candy Tree
  • Ornament Tree
  • Ornament Tree II
  • Pink Dogwood Tree

Crops Named Wrong:

  • Black Berry (Blackberry)

Random Objects With Issues:

  • Foral Sculpture = Floral Sculpture
  • Farm Planation = Farm Plantation
  • Orante Fence = Ornate Fence
  • A Apple Wood Basket = An Apple Wood Basket
  • Turbo Chargers in the Market, Turbo Charges on the bar.

Mastery Sign spelling issues:

  • Harbanero = Habanero

Mastery Signs lacking "Mastery Signs" on hover text and instead repeat the crop name:

  • Boom Tree (additionally, should be Broom Tree)
  • Gorse Tree
  • Spring Squill

Market one way, mastery sign the other:

  • Purple Pod Pea = Purple Podded Pea
  • Bell Peppers = Yellow Bell Peppers

Right sign, wrong name:

  • Cascadian Blueberries now says "Blueberries"
  • White Rose now says "Morning Glory"
  • Cherry Plumb Tree says "Cherry Plumb Tree"
  • White Grape says Whitegrapes
  • Mastery Sign Coffee Beans -- should be Coffee
  • Mastery Sign Whitegrapes -- should be White Grapes (need a space)
  • Mastery Sign Purple Podded Peas -- should be Purple Pod Peas
  • Mastery Sign Rose Fire & Ice -- should be Fire & Ice Roses
  • Mastery Sign Yellow bell Peppers -- should be Bell Peppers (capitalized and no Yellow)

Building Based:

  • Greenhouse when making seeds
    • "...seed mixing in process" should be progress
    • “Harvesting in process” instead of progress when Harvesting a hybrid.
  • Silo
    • Four panel explanation reads: Your *crafintg" silo on top/right hover over.
  • Crafting
    • Herbal Elixer - Herbil Elixir (many crafting instances)


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