FarmVille English Countryside: Working Hard on Two Farms, Neighbor Visitation & Other Key Points

Yesterday I was lucky enough to spend the day at Zynga and was really impressed with the facilities but more importantly the people. Everyone I met with or were able to see hard at work were passionate about the game and what they do.

Working Hard on Two Farms:

Here is the very tricky thing about the upcoming second farm in the English Countryside, only one farm will be ‘active’ at a time.

For example: If you plant Strawberries on your original farm and head on to work on your second farm in the English Countryside for a few hours, when you return to your original farm your Strawberries will still be freshly planted and have experienced no growth. We can speculate that nothing will happen on your farm (animals will stop maturing, trees will stop growing etc) while you are working on another. This means that you cannot simultaneously work both of your farms.

Neighbor Visitation:

When you fly to FarmVille English Countryside with Duke you will activate your second farm in the English Countryside. Neighbors will be able to visit you on both of your farms. However, your neighbors will only be able to visit the farm that you are currently on, or last worked on. This will be represented on the neighbor bar. Underneath each neighbor will be either a home symbol (representing that their origonal farm is active and growing) or a British Flag symbol (representing that their FarmVille English Countryside farm is active and growing).

So one of your farms will essentially be on pause at all times.

This means that you will have to choose which farm you want to experience growth when you are not playing. The farm you work on last, or leave after working on will stay active (while the other is paused).

For example: If you are going to sleep for the night and would like to have your FarmVille English Countryside crops grow, you plant crops on your FarmVille English Countryside farm and not go back to your original farm. This would have your FarmVille English Countryside ’active’. Neighbors will see a British Flag symbol beneath your picture in the neighbor bar and will only be able to help you on that farm.

Here are the key points of FarmVille English Countryside:

  • FVEC will work as a second farm with a completely fresh start, so no you will not be able to access your current storage.
  • You will need a lot of building materials to get started in FVEC so start saving up those Special Delivery Boxes!
  • FVEC will have a story line of quests for you to complete, with some awesome rewards!
  • Your progress in the story line can be seen on an interactive map where you will be able to see/help neighbors in their quests as well.
  • FVEC will feature new Masterable Crops, Trees and Animals.
  • FVEC will feature Sheep breeding that is different from any breeding we have already experienced. You will be able to create your own genealogy and create literally tens of thousands or even millions of different kinds of sheep!


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