Farmville Giant Mardi Gras Tree Spotted! ((Details Here))

Seems as though there is a new tree that keeps popping up from Mystery Seedlings tonight!
FarmVille Masters have reported seeing the Giant Mardi Gras tree from their Mystery Seedlings!
You may notice a pattern with these Mystery Seedlings that grow up to be Giant trees – they usually pop up right before the release of the event!

We know that Stumpgrinder mentioned in the latest FarmVille Podcast that we can look forward to an upcoming Mardi Gras theme. Do these Giant Mardi Gras Trees coming from Mystery Seedlings mean that the Mardi Gras event is just around the corner?
Also, the “Giant” trees have been known to be Level 2 trees, which tree do you think will turn into a Giant Mardi Gras Tree?


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