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The Limited Edition Vineyard Goat entered the FarmVille Market a few days ago, but you may have missed it because its invisible!

The Vineyard Goat, which is part of the Limited Edition Vineyard theme, appears invisibile both on the farm and on its Market icon. Search “Vineyard Goat” in the FarmVille Market and you’ll find it. Instead of the Vineyard Goat, you’ll see a Vineyard Sheep as its

FarmVille Freak TIP: Can’t find the Vineyard Goat in your FarmVille Market? Use the Search Button by searching keywords “Vineyard Goat”. Note, the wrong image is displayed on the market icon, instead of seeing the actual Vineyard Goat you will see the Vineyard Sheep.

When it first entered the FarmVille Market many farmers jumped on the chance at buying this Farm Coin decorative animal thinking that its price was just an accident. After placing the broken goat on your farm, you will only be able to see its green circle or “footprint” along with its text description.

It costs 120,000 Farm Coins and even though you can’t see it (yet) have hope, as the big Z is working on a fix. The Invisible Goat has been added to the list of Zynga’s current FarmVille known issues.

FarmVille Known Issue: FarmVille Vineyard Goat is Invisible.

  • Last Update: 7-30-2011
  • Description: The Vineyard Goat is available in the Market, and can be purchased and placed on your farm. In every instance, this animal is invisible.
  • Status: This issue has been confirmed by the Farmville studio. We are investigating solutions and will update this issue to keep you informed.
  • Workaround: N/A (Source: Official FarmVille Forum)
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