Clarification on Mystery Babies & More on Wildlife Habitat

Yesterday FarmVille released the new Wildlife Habitat feature. This new building with purpose has several functions other than being a place to store your Wildlife animals and one of which is the ability to find Mystery Babies.
FarmVille Wildlife Habitat Guide
There seems to be some general confusion about Mystery Babies and we would like to take this opportunity to clear that up as well as answer a few FAQ about the Wildlife Habitat.

Mystery Babies: Basically there are two ways to get a Mystery Baby. One, you can harvest your Wildlife Habitat and “find” a Mystery Baby at the time of harvest. Mystery Babies that are found while harvesting your Wildlife Habitat will grow up to be the exact same animal of its parent that you had living in your habitat at the time of harvest. In other words, you cannot breed a brand new type of animal that you don’t own or isn’t already living in your habitat.

Secondly, Mystery Babies can be obtained from your FarmVille friends. Whenever your friends share their Mystery Babies via the Facebook News Feed you have the opportunity to “adopt” them. The animal that you adopt will be either a rare or common (see below).

Some Wildlife animals are only available from the FarmVille Market, and others are available through friends. To find out which animals are available from your FarmVille friends simply click on your Wildlife Habitat building and “Look Inside”. Those Mystery Babies that are available from friends will have a small sunshine indicator that appears when you mouseover the animal with your cursor. You can “adopt” these Mystery Baby animals from neighbors who share them via the Facebook News Feed.

There are two types of Mystery Babies that you claim from friends:

1) Rare Mystery Babies: Rare Mystery Babies will have a Pink Baby Bundle and will include previous Limited Edition items that are worth less than 15 Farm Cash as well as Common Mystery Game prizes.

  • Rare Mystery Babies require 30 bags of Animal Feed to grow into an adult.

2) Common Mystery Babies: Common Mystery Babies will have a Green Baby Bundle and will include previous Farm Coin animals, Lonely animals (adoptables), and animals that were once Quest Rewards.

  • Common Mystery Babies require 10 bags of Animal Feed to grow into an adult.
Wildlife Habitat FAQ
(provided by Zynga via the Official FarmVille Forum)
Can I own more than one Wildlife Habitat? Yes! You can have multiple completed Wildlife Habitats on your farm. However, you are limited to having one incomplete (i.e., un-built) Wildlife Habitat frame at-a-time per farm.
How many animals does the Wildlife Habitat hold? Each Wildlife Habitat can hold up to 20 wildlife animals. Each additional Wildlife Habitat that you place on your farm can hold another 20 animals.
How long until the Wildlife Habitat is ready for harvest? The harvest cycle of the Wildlife Habitat is 24 hours, which begins as soon as a single animal is placed in the Habitat. The timer resets once you harvest a ready-to-harvest Habitat.


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