English Countryside Quests Expiring August 31, 2011!

In a new FarmVille pop-up notice seen below, Zynga is once again reminding farmers that the English Countryside Quests will be ending soon.

English Countryside Quests end on August 31st 2011.

This pertains to only quests in the English Countryside. You will always be able to keep the farm, but there will be no more active quests. This also means that since there are no quests, there will be no quest rewards so it’s important for you to wrap up all your EC questing and claim your exclusive rewards such as Transferrable Storage!

Rumor is that a new destination farm is in the works, although this information has not been confirmed by Zynga, there are FarmVille Freak user reports of a “farm by the sea”. To read more about that visit this FarmVille Frak article by clicking here.

If you need help completing the English Countryside Quests, check out our FarmVille Freak Cheat Sheet for all EC quests in the FarmVille Freak English Countryside Quest Master Guide.

FarmVille Freak English Countryside Quest Master Guides
(Click on Master Guide to visit FarmVille Freak article.)

Notice that many of the original requirements as listed below, have been lowered or altered to help you complete these quests in time.

Master Guide 1 (Quests 1-13)

Master Guide 2 (Quests 1-9)

Master Guide 3 (Quests 1 -8)

Master Guide 4 (Quests 1-4)

Master Guide 5 (Quests 1-5)

Have you finished your English Countryside Quests and are you ready for new questing challenges in a new destination farm?


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