Farmville Animal Mastery Step by Step (Full Guide) Share with your Friends

We’ve always been on the fence with Animal Mastery; there are far more Animals in FarmVille than Crops and Trees, possibly combined, so our minds were racing when we thought of the possibility to Master Animals. “Where would we put all of those signs?” Well, it looks like we will have to find a place for them, doesn’t it?

Yes, it does seem that every single Animal in FarmVille with the exception of Sheep and Pigs currently have a Mastery Sign attached to them – Sheep and Pigs are coming at a later date, though it doesn’t sound as if it’s too far off from now.

Step 1: Simply harvest your Animals. Easy to achieve, tough to — pun-intended — Master. None of the Masteries for Animals are retroactive, meaning you will be starting from scratch in terms of Mastering them. Harvesting your Horse Stables and other Animal Buildings should account for harvesting all of the Animals inside of them. Some Animals are tougher to Master, while basic Animals are very simple – we achieved Mastery of our normal Horse and Rabbit in a single harvest.

Step 2: This means us Horse stuffers will earn our stars prematurely, which sort of bums us out – we do Horse stuffing to share the wealth to our friends and neighbors, not to benefit from it ourselves.

Step 3: If you’re looking to locate where your Mastery progress is, there are two ways to find it. The first is by clicking on the particular Animal you want and selecting the “Mastery Stars” option from the drop box, depicted in blue in the above photograph.

Step 4: You can also find it under the “Ribbons” icon on the lower right-hand corner. Click on “Ribbons,” and then click on “Mastery” at the top of the new pop-up. This will take you to the full list of Animals. If you’re confused about which buttons to click, the above picture should definitely point you in the right direction.


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