FarmVille Fairy Garden Model Farm ((Details Here))

FarmVille Fairy Garden Model Farm

FarmVille has added a new Model Farm for you to gawk at the current Limited Edition Fairy Garden theme. The Fairy Garden farm features the Limited Edition decorations, buildings, animals, and trees as part of this theme with a pecuiliar FrontierVille/Pioneer Trail hanging out on the outskirts. Perhaps there could be an upcoming FarmVille & Pioneer Trail cross-promotion?

Although you don’t get anything special for visiting, you can see some current LE items on the farm and in-action as well as Zynga’s portrayal of putting them to good use.

To visit the Model Farm simply scroll to the far right of your in-game neighbor bar and you will find the Model Farm icon as your very last neighbor. Click on the icon and you’re on your way to fairy land.


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