Farmville Game Tips to Earn More Coins Right Now (Details Here)

So Farmville has got to you? You simply have to work on your Farm every day. You want to make your Farm the best it can be and earn lots more coins. Now you can earn more coins using the ten Farmville game tips below.

1. Get more neighbours by inviting your friends to join Farmville. In this way you will gain more ribbons which brings you more cash and great game features.

2. Don’t forget, more ribbons means more coins for you. So get gifts from friends to earn more ribbons. You can do this by giving gifts to your friends first. Give your friends all the gifts you can and they will then in turn repay you by giving gifts to you.

3. Concentrate on seeds rather than trees or animals. You can get seeds cheaper and more easily than trees and animals so you will get a faster return on your investment.

4. The time you spend playing should dictate the typoe of seeds you buy. You can harvest some seeds in just a few hours, yet other seeds may take days to come to harvest. Therefore if you play all day you could buy quick harvesting seeds so you can get a fast return each day. Otherwise buy seeds that take a day or more to harvest so that next time you log in to Farmville the crops wil be ready and waiting to be harvested.

5. Don’t buy expensive equipment such as tractors until you are at the required level with sufficient funds. Doing it that way saves time and wil increase tyour Experience Points.

6. Do focus on acquiring ribbons. Check out all the types of ribbons you are able to earn and find out what you have to do to earn them. You find that the more ribbons that you can earn then the more coins you can accumulate. Even ribbons with samll rewards at the beginning will build up to the bigger blue ribbons which will bring you higher rewards.

7. When ever you are able, expand your land. By expanding your farm you will be able to grow more crops. Harvesting more seeds like this will bring you success on Farmville. 8. Always keep track of your crops so you know when they are goimg to be harvested. You certainly never want to get to Farmville and find your crops are withering because you are too late to harvest them.

9. Don’t get carried away with buildings and decorations. These objects can waste your time, space and money. Just purchase buildings and decorations to earn ribbons on Farmville. Once you’ve got your ribbons you can sell the objects to get more coins and also extra space for crops.

10. Use all your land efficiently. Even if you have some land that you cannot plow then you should fill it up with animals or trees. So never waste space. You will find that there is always something you can fill it with.


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