FarmVille Platinum Mastery Statue offers double mastery for life (All Details Here)

First there was the 2X Mastery Statue in FarmVille, at its high price of 25 Farm Cash. Now, there's an even more ridicul --err, pricier version available in the store. The Platinum Mastery statue won't just offer you double mastery on all crops and trees for a few days - this one's for life. For the whopping price of 300 Farm Cash (more than $50 US), you'll be able to permanently double all mastery points you earn within the game, at least when it comes to trees and crops. Whether or not the eventual Animal Mastery points will be doubled as well remains to be seen.

Actually, a lot about this statue can be considered confusing. We know for a fact that you can only have one Platinum Mastery statue active on your farm, and that purchasing multiple will only result in a massive waste of Farm Cash. However, whether or not you can combine a 2X Mastery Statue with a Platinum Mastery Statue wasn't made clear. That is, would combining the two give you 4X mastery? With the 2X Mastery Statue expiring from the store in just a few hours, there will only be a short time for that confusion to remain, but here's something else to think about - what happens when Zynga has a double mastery weekend for holidays and other events?

Will those users with the Platinum Mastery statue earn three points for all crops and trees, or will they earn four? Or, worse yet, will the double mastery event skip them by entirely? We've reached out to Zynga for clarification, and hope to be able to straighten things out for you soon.


Helen said...

WEll, What have you learned? I for one am furious. I paid the big bucks for the double mastery statue that never expires and guess what! It doesn't work. Does NOT work. I have sent multiple emails to zynga and nothing has been fixed. So save your money.

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