A Penny For Your Thoughts…A Column Of Complaints ((Here Details))

A Penny For Your Thoughts….A Column of Complaints by FarmDecorMaster I know that a lot of you might not know who I am, and there would be good reason for that. In December 2009 I took a hiatus from the beloved Farmville and FarmVille Freak, and I was able to resist my addiction for over two years. A few weeks ago however, while sitting around bored at work, it called out to me. I thought to myself “Hey, why not. I’ll just see what has changed, and see who is still around. I will not get addicted again.” Right?? Wrong! I was blown away by the changes, everything was different.
After about 50 pop-ups telling me the things I missed, I became curious. I started indulging myself, and fighting to catch back up to the curve. Now after a month or so after my return I am ready to write again. I thought for a while about what I would write about. I could no longer write about things that I was good at in Farmville, because obviously, I am still way behind. So I decided I would write my complaints, at least for now, on the changes that Zynga made to the game since the I last played. My main complaint is….Yep, Farm Coins! I chose the title, because spending coins on my thoughts, would probably be worth more than the disappointing things there are to choose to spend coins on in the FarmVille Market. If anyone can remember the Villa, it was the desire of almost any player. At a whopping 1 million coins, it was very far out of reach for even the most addicted players. Everyone would pinch every Farm Coin they had, meticulously choosing crops with the most yield to eventually reach that goal of 1 million coins.

Two years later, and a million coins is like pocket change. I just came back, and getting to 10 million coins took me only a couple weeks. I browsed through the market, looking for things to spend my coins on, and to my surprise there was nothing. I suppose I could have bought 10 Villas and took up prime real estate on my farm-worthless. I am sure the majority of players have their farms set up to maximize return, avoiding the uses of big buildings which have no purpose, or a myriad of random decorations from the many “events” FarmVille has had. The funniest part I found, was that Zynga put animals for a ridiculous price, presumably to give people something to spend coins on for a return. Why I would want a bunch of pricy Pheasants on my farm is beyond me.

In my opinion, over the course of the last two years, they have consistently lowered the amount of items purchasable with coins, and replaced them with Farm Cash items. It was sneaky enough where people would take a while to catch on, or get addicted enough to fork out the cash for the “must have” animals they release. With a new “theme” every other week, that is a lot of money to be shelled out and I’m pretty sure Zynga is making there monies worth. Enough so that it’s become common to not get any special Limited Edition items without spending your actual money. The fun is going to eventually be sucked from the game, and it will become more of a chore than it already is.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Farmville. I look forward just as much as anyone to logging on and checking my farm. The ideas that Zynga incorporates are quite ingenious (for the most part) to think that this game is still going, is impressive enough in itself. My biggest complaint is the worthlessness of a currency. They could remove the coins from the game, and besides the inability to purchase seeds, it would hardly affect anyone at all.



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