Prizes Can Be Seen Below for The Raffle Drawing ((Details Here))

Just as we predicted on July 31st, 2011 the Raffle Booth is here! Slow rolling at this point but it is coming out. You can collect raffle tickets and win weekly items depending on the amount of tickets you can collect. So lets dive right in and see whats up with the new Raffle Booth! Don’t forget there are also 3 quests to do with the Raffle Booth, Get In The Game, Time To Play and Play To Win!

If you are so lucky to recieve the Raffle booth early, you may see a popup like the one below. “The Raffle Booth is here! Place your Raffle Booth to start winning great weekly prizes. Clicking place now will take you into placement mode and allow you to place your Raffle Booth for the first time.

You can place your Raffle Booth just like anything else in placement mode. If you mess up, or skip this step it will end up in your gift box. If you skip everything entirely, you can repurchase the Raffle Booth in the market for 1 coin but there is a limit of one per farm.

f you look inside you will be greeted with a How It Works Section. It tells you basically that you can get up to 6 Tickets every day, Get a Bonus ticket for each friend you help, once a week there is a drawing and the more tickets you have,the more chances to win. Also, if you win, you can share a bonus gift with the friend that gave you the most tickets.

This weeks prizes can be seen below for the Raffle Drawing. The Flower Mini Horse, The Green Flower Ram, Love Potions X 5, Fertilize All X 3 and Special Deliveries X 10 are here for this weeks and should change out every single week for new and exciting items!


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