Purple Toadstool & Red ToadstoolFarmVille Fairy Garden Crops: Purple Toadstool & Red Toadstool(( Details here )

The Red Toadstool is a regular Farm Coin crop, but the Purple Toadstool crop is an exclusive Farm Cash crop. We’re not exactly sure what’s the difference between these crops (other than color) and can’t explain why one is available for Farm Cash and the other isn’t. Maybe the Purple Toadstools are magical? Who knows, but it is what is. If you want that Purple Toadstool Mastery Sign to add to your collection, you’ll have to cough up 5 Farm Cash. While 5 Farm Cash is not really a lot and happens to be the cheapest Farm Cash crop that Zynga’s ever offered, we hope this isn’t a new Farm Cash crop trend. If you are new to Farm Cash crops, this is how it works. Before you can grow Purple Toadstools on your farm, you’ll need to first purchase a permit or license to grow this crop on your farm. The permit costs 5 Farm Cash and is good for 7 days or one week. The time starts at the time of purchase. During the 7 days your permit is good for you will be able to grow unlimited amounts of this crop on your farm- it will never wither or die.
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