Priciest FarmVille Item Ever : Platinum Mastery! | ((Details Here))

FarmVille just released a Platinum Mastery Statue for eternal Double Mastery.

Farmers who own a Platinum Mastery Statue will be granted Double Mastery on crops and trees on their farm, forever! You can only have one active Mastery Statue per farm and it cannot be combined with other Platinum Mastery Statues to get additional mastery points. As long as the statue remains on your farm, its Double Mastery rewards never expire.

Sounds kind of amazing, right? Well, before you get too excited to own this coveted item you will have to be prepared to shell out 300 Farm Cash- making it the most expensive item in FarmVille ever! At 300 Farm Cash, it’s close to roughly $50.00 USD.

I was surprised that after purchasing your Platinum Mastery Statue, you only receive 5 XP at the time purchase. The Farm Cash spent to XP reward ratio seems a little skewed to say the least. After all, isn’t 300 Farm Cash spent worth a lot more than the equivalent of purchasing a Hay Bale? That aside, while its Farm Cash price is steep, its yours to keep for as long as forever granting you Double Mastery with every plot.

If the Duck’s hilarious face is not enough to secure your purchase, FarmVille Freak Mastery freaks will no doubt want this statue for its ability to help you collect those Mastery Signs faster than ever.


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